I bought a book this morning and really like the typeface used in the titles. Unfortunately, What the Font has fallen short and I haven't had any luck elsewhere. Any help would be appreciated.. Most typefaces I find in similar styles have 'a's that I'm not fond of (don't like the 'circle with a straight stick' look).

It has been suggested, many times, that the letterpress hobby could do with a modern guide-book aimed at the absolute beginner.

I have made an attempt to produce such a guide. Aimed at the beginner who would like to start printing from home “First Steps in Letterpress” runs through the purchase, setting up and running of a table-top platen press.

It gives the beginner an idea of the range of products that can be produced using the letterpress process, and the various methods of producing them. Traditional typesetting, photo polymer and lino printing are covered.

The book has a “Reference Section” listing suppliers of everything the beginner may need, both in the USA and UK.


I am looking for the 2 typefaces used in these examples, the serif and the typewriter typefaces.
If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Thank you

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1979 Book Cover


I need some help identifying the font used on the cover of this old political paperback.


Hello! New here, I don't really know how it works, I just need some help identifying this font! Thank you.

Hi, I have searched the web and New Bodoni DT-Book is the closest I have come to solving this riddle: all of MK's books, when under his control, seem to be set in the same typefacte. Also, in his critical work Testaments betrayed, he mentions how critical typeface should be for an author, and how Kafka's express wishes for a tall typeface were ignored by publishers seeking to cram as many words onto the page as possible.

Cheers and thanks for helping!



Help please. I love this font, but i've been looking for hours and i can't seem to find it.

Can you guys help me ID this one?

I assume it's from this 1970 edition:

I'm also doing a research on the most common Encyclopedia Britannica spine types.

Henrique Nardi

/ / /

an unusual typographic experiment designed to explore the relationship between graphic design, typography and the reading of a page. [it] collects the responses of 70 international graphic designers when posed with the same brief – to design and lay out the first page of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, a text chosen in part because it directly references lettering as Pip searches for clues about his family from the letterforms inscribed on their tombstone. The brief encouraged the 70 contributors to explore, challenge or celebrate the conventions of book typography. Each layout is accompanied by a short rationale explaining the designer’s decision-making process.

This font was on a book in the movie the fountain. I've tried identifying it everywhere but failed miserably. I even cleared out all the colors and made it clear. Can anyone help me?

What if there were an Indie Fonts 4? Which foundries would you like to see represented?

We added a new Book style with its accompanying italic to our successful type family Maiola. It is darker in colour, making reading an even more pleasant experience. Additionally, responding to customer feedback, we have also designed a whole set of symbols used to set logic. Customers who have purchased the Maiola Bundle and would like to add the Book styles, are welcome to a special offer. Please contact us, if interested.

More information on our website

The new and improved version of Gerard Unger’s masterpiece now features three new styles that have been engineered specifically for headline use. Coranto 2 makes the most of current newspaper printing technologies delivering clean, economic and highly legible text blocks combined with striking headlines. Coranto 2 introduces the addition of over 250 glyphs for a wider language support, redesign of most accents, new ligatures, 4 sets of numerals, arbitrary fractions, superiors/inferiors and more.

More information on our website

What about new blood in German typography?
How do students deal with typography?
What do the studies of typography in Germany and abroad look like?

Hello everyone,

The book "Roger Excoffon, le gentleman de la typographie" is out now. You may order it directly at atelier Perrousseaux website:
or at

Hello, I always wondering what books inspired you to be a typographer or type designer. If you guys could share 5 books that inspired you the most, I would be very appreciate.

Thank you

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1890s type

Hello! Long time lurker, first-time poster...

I am designing a book where I want the pages to have the feel of a book from the 1880s and 1890s. I am looking for a good typeface to use for the body copy that has a slight irregular, letterpress feel to it.

So far I have found: Old Times American
but this seems more in keeping with a newspaper or periodical than a book.

And: Archetype
which I like a lot but I am not sure whether it is from the right era

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

Hello, I am attempting to create a logo for a publishing company. Company name is called Publishing Network. The organization is a membership based company which allows members to access multiple publications and educational material throughout the US.

Key workds: network, access, global, books, publications,

My approach has been to create a visual that conveys that message. So far, i've only concentrated on the mark. i'd love to hear your thoughts on what is working and what is not.

Thanks in advance.

Hello everyone,
A brand new book will be released by Perrousseaux publishing on may 19th 2011 about RogerExcoffon, and it is available for preordering now (35 euros instead of 45).

Hi everyone

I am typesetting my first book and wanted to get some feedback on it. You can be totally brutal, I don't mind.

Please check it out here: Draft

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I've been trying to figure out the name of this lovely Font shown below.
That's a scan of page 14 of "Elementarteilchen", english "Atomised" from Michel Houellebecq.
Seems to be a tricky font - no results with "What the font" or the like.

The "?" and the "ß" are strikingly.

Thanks a lot for the help!

Explorations in Typography: Mastering the Art of Fine Typesetting (A Visual Textbook for Intermediate to Advanced Typography) is a new book by Carolina de Bartolo with Erik Spiekermann. An extensive collection of beautiful typesetting examples that allows the student of typography to “learn by looking,” it is sure to be instructive and inspirational to anyone who sets text type.

Visit the interactive companion website at:

:: 9.25 x 12 inches (oversize)
:: casebound with ultra-thin bookboard, so it’s lightweight despite its size
:: yellow gilded edges
:: 188 pages
:: 2 colors throughout

Key features

Are bad fonts are easier to remember?

I have read some news in BBC and other news programs, that bad fonts/ugly fonts are more memorable.

All school book commonly use Times, Georgia, and other serif font, they are good font. Are bad fonts can improve studying quality for student?



Pollen by Eduardo Berliner

This typeface finds a perfect balance between technical excellence, careful design of letter forms for extended reading, and a measured dose of charm and personality. Its informal feel allows for successfully typesetting a wide range of applications, from magazines and fiction books to advertising and websites.

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