Pollen by Eduardo Berliner

This typeface finds a perfect balance between technical excellence, careful design of letter forms for extended reading, and a measured dose of charm and personality. Its informal feel allows for successfully typesetting a wide range of applications, from magazines and fiction books to advertising and websites.

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I´m a student and i need help with a Logo.
It is for a group of people, who fight for printed products (against e books, online newspapers etc.) This group is not real, i invented it. The Logo combines a fist and a book. Some people I asked could not see the book. I made another version in which you can recognize the book better, but it is not as aggressive as the first attempt. I want it to be aggressive. "Druck" means "Print" in german.

Can you think of a way to make the book better recognizable in the first attempt? Or do you see other mistakes I made?

Thanks a lot in advance and excuse my bad english.

I recently read Eric Gill's An Essay on Typograhy and found it quite interesting, especially since Gill connects his thoughts on typography and his craft with his whole philosophy on life. Though it is hard to agree with this man on everything, he has some interesting ideas to wrestle with, and it is interestng to read this work 80 years down the road from when he wrote it.

So that was a short recommendation for all of you who can't read my blogpost in Norwegian here:

I'm trying to settle on fonts for a logotype that is a compound word (want to distinguish
the 2 parts of the word).

Leaning towards a serif/sans mix but trick is finding a combo that has very similar x-height and shape, and lasting power for a logo.

There are 2 sets of double "Os." This is where I'm stuck, to go with very round or very not round.
Also a lowercase "g" which is probably my favorite letter in double storey form.

Overall look should be friendly, approachable.

I'm leaning towards Minion combined with either Syntax, Meta, Profile or Whitney (the last of which
I don't own and will have to buy).

Any opinions?


I am selling my House Industries 10 year book, it is in perfect condition, it has never been opened and is still in its plastic wrap and comes with all the original font CDs. (I was accidently send two copies when I ordered it and it is now too late to get a refund!) Contact me at if you are interested.



Does any body know if there is an English or Dutch translation of 'Typoésie", from Jérôme Peignot?
And where I can get it for a good price?

I've got the french version from the library, but i would like to read it, so ...

Many thanks, for the hero that can help me.

I'm working on a project about design by committee / consensus and I really need some help with it. Essentially the idea is to make a book with all the decisions about its design made within this forum. The aesthetics of the book - it's size, format, layout, typeface etc will all decided by the consensus in here.

Firstly, what do people think about the size of the book should be? And in terms of the title, I have two starting points - 'A Camel is a Horse Designed by Committee' and 'Too Many Cooks'.

I'd really appreciate any comments and suggestions on this project.


With your mass wisdom, please help out an ignoramus newbie. I'm looking into having a book printed, and have absolutely no clue about foil stamping cloth covers. What is meant by one vs. two or three stamps? Is this for different colors, different sides of the book, the size of the stamp? And how detailed can a foil stamp be? Is it best to stay away from fine lines, or can I pretty much do whatever I want?


In a kid's book cover book. Sorry for the blurry pic - any ideas?

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Books sites

I will need to do a website for a book (downloadable chapters, extras, etc.).
Anyone happens to know any good example of such a thing, from where I could draw some inspiration?
Thanks in advance.

I was hoping someone here might be able to help me ID the typeface used on this book cover. It is what "The Proust Questionnaire" is written in. Thanks in advance for any help.

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help on children's book layout

I would really, REALLY appreciate any insight you are willing to dish out. I'm attempting to put together a book of fairy tales. It's the first time I've done something on this scale, and I'm not sure if what I've put together is working or not. The book will be 6 x 9 inches. The type is Arno, 13/16.2 (the weird baseline is simply so the grid would fit the page exactly), with occasional bits of Phaeton (title page, cover, and page numbers, basically). Oh, and I'm using fleurons or whatever they're called from several different fonts for the story title decorations. Thanks so much for helping out a struggling-to-learn flunky.


Hey everyone, I have this book, Christian Theology by H. Orton Wiley printed in 1940 and I was wondering what the fonts are.

I think the cover is Gill Sans - but I'm not certain.

On the title page there seems to be something like Memphis - but again, I'm not sure.

The other serifs I just can't pick - but serifs are always what I find hardest to ID.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Not sure about the Cooper Black choice, though...

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1 font 1 brand 1 letter A-Z

I am looking for some assistance in building a list of brands. This will be an A-Z list of brands but the kicker is that the type face for each brand needs to be a known type face and the idea is to have as compelling of a brand and type face as possible.
I am starting the list with

A - American Airlines - Helvetica

I have created a google spreadsheet that I am keeping the list on and have left the privileges open in case anyone is so inclined to add directly to the spread sheet.

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Hyperactivitypography book

I'm pretty sure I mentioned this book somewhere in an older thread but I'll be darned If I can find it. Now there is an interactive version.

I am trying to find a book about type design focusing on the process of designing a font. That is, since the catalyst or the idea, to the first primitive sketches, through the processes of adjusting and choosing the best forms for specific letters, designing alternates, etc. I am more interested in understanding how type designers "think" than the results they achieve.

Can any one point me in some direction?
After a quick search, I couldn't find any reference to such a book in Typophile.

Thank you!

(Thanks for the replies on the original thread, opened in the wrong forum, specially about this beauty. Hoping to get some more suggestions, still!)

Hi all,

I'm currently working on a book of short fiction using Underware's splendid Dolly as the main typeface. While I don't mind it at larger sizes, I'm after something to compliment it for both story titles, and the book title as used on the cover.

I've got no real requirements other than something with plenty of character, and perhaps some stronger/harsher lines to contrast with Dolly's multitude of curves.

All thoughts/suggestions welcome!


Name of font needed. Here's the link for the book cover: . I really need to know the font for just the title. Thanks for replying, eh. The pic's here, just in case you want to make sure:

. I just need the title's font. Thanks.

Take a look at this retro-style primer for the budding typographer (shame about the name): []

Selling my House Industries 10 Year anniversary book. The book is in excellent, like-new condition, although my name is written in the front. Original sleeve included. More information about the book is here:

Also included is a large stack of House catalogs, from the very early days to now (a random, incomplete collection, all in good to great condition).

The book is currently out-of-print. Please make a reasonable offer for the book and catalogs. I'm assuming shipping will be $15 to $20 for Priority in the U.S.

Hey all,
this question is probably asked a dozen times before, but I did a (very) quick search and didn’t find anything relevant.

I’ve long been a big fan of fonts and typography. But lately I’m interested in learning more about it. And more specifically type design. So I’ve been reading and looking all over the internet for more info. But I’m getting a bit lost in here. So. To have a better understanding of what I’m looking for, I’m now interested in buying a good book on the basics of type design. Oh and it would also be good if it doesn’t only contains the basics, and goes even further on the more advanced stuff.

Thanks in advance,

PS: Any must-read internet links on the subject (for beginners) are always appreciated.

Can anyone suggest a good book about modernism/modesrnist principles in design that also (but not only) takes in consideration typography?

Thank you!

Hi everyone, I need some help identifying three typefaces. They are taken from the book Take A Closer Listen

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Sabon-esque book serif


I'm trying to source the name of this font. The closest I can find is Sabon, but the K and the descenders don't seem to match.

Any ideas?


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