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book cover

fashionable modern alternative to bureau grot comp for book cover


I need to find a super-condensed bold typeface for the cover of a small format paperback book. The cover is type-only and some of it will be spot laminated, so it needs to be very chunky. And we want to set the type very large.
At the moment we're using Bureau Grot compressed book, which is lovely, but feels a little too old and traditional. The book is about the art world, so it needs to look elegant but we'd like it to also look really fashionable/youthful. Someone suggested going for something more like Macula which looks fashionable, unusual, playful -- all good -- but it's not condensed enough to set at a really big size.
Can anyone suggest some attention-grabbing alternatives that have the required height and chunkiness?

Any help much appreciated -- thank you!

Please help me identify this font: From this book cover


I am hoping someone can help me identify this font used on the cover of John Fante's book The Road To Los Angeles

In case the attachment doesn't work here is a link to the cover: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_x2TThMsyaYA/TRtu0KgpU9I/AAAAAAAAFq4/UBPcqmFL-Z...

Thanks for your time and effort!

What is the font used for this book cover? Please help urgently!!!!

Here is the image of the book cover.


Can someone please help me identify the typefaces used on this book cover? It would greatly be appreciated! I really need to know this as soon as possible.

Thank You!!

Temple expiatori de la Sagrada Familia

Hello typophile,

I'm wracking my brain trying to identify this typeface, and what makes it worse is that I believe I once identified it and have since forgotten. My mind is a sieve, but I usually remember font names, apparently not this time.

The closest I could come up with would be a condensed version of Sahara Bodoni, but I fear it's actually a Didot and not a Bodoni. Another one that was suggested to me was Bitstream Industrial 700, but I was told that is not quite correct either.

It's lovely and driving me mad, any ideas?

Alternative to Mantinia?


Can anyone help me find an alternative titling face to Matthew Carter's Mantinia for use on the cover of a fantasy novel?

My biggest, perhaps only, complaint with Mantinia is how heavy it appears at larger sizes—especially when it comes down to flowing nicely, not being in competition, with the imagery of a fantasy novel's cover. The current interior typeface is Minion Pro. A titling face that pairs well with Minion Pro would be a big plus. However, I do not know if that is the finalized interior face, so it is not an absolute necessity.

  • I love the ligatures, so a typeface with an assortment of ligatures is a must.
    • An alternate capital R with an extended leg is preferred

50 Shades of Grey font?

So, I spent a couple hours trying to figure out what the font is on the cover of the 50 Shades trilogy, because regardless of what my opinion on the books is, it's a pretty nice font.

Warning: Big image

I'm sorry it's so big, but it's high res, so maybe that'll help a little?

Thanks so much!

Typeface with script swashes in book cover! Anyone know?

Does anyone know what is the typeface with script swashes on this book cover? (low x-height, high ascenders) I thought it was Mrs.Eaves Sans, but this one has high ascenders!


Thank you!

The History of Mr Polly


I'm doing book covers for a school project that's part of the D&AD. We have five titles to choose from and this my first version for 'The History of Mr Polly'. No back or spine designed yet, will post more tomorrow.

This is supposed to show that Mr Polly is blind because he doesn't know what he want with his life and the fire symbolizes when he sets fire to his own shop so that he can escape from his miserable life.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

(x) Can anyone help me identifying this font? / 'Um Enigma Chamado Brasil': contemporary square sans - Klavika {Simon R}

Can anyone help me identifying this font?

Does anyone know which fonts are these? (both the ones in the title, in white and the smaller ones also in white) Maybe "Dobra", by DSType? I wonder.

I was doing a research on Fontshop.com, it's not Absara, because the "M" in Absara "touches" the baseline. In this case, the "M" is "suspended" and the "O" is very "oval"-like. Notice also how the "R" "leg" goes a little beyond it's own space...(I don't know exactly how this is called in typography, sorry!)

Geogrotesque? I don't know...

Thanks in advance for your help!