Gerard Unger

Gerard Unger's multi-award winning typeface now features small caps in all of its styles. After the release of Capitolium 2 and Capitolium News 2, which take advantage of OpenType possibilities and feature a broader language coverage –including accents for northern and central Europe languages– editorial designers from around the globe started to ask for small cap support... You asked for it, we deliver!

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In April of 96 there was a typographic symposium in Toronto with lots of big names that I very much wanted to meet and hear. The cost was out of my reach (being a type designer will do that) and much to my regret I couldn’t attend.

The event was on a Friday and Saturday. I consoled myself by going out to a little electronic music shindig on Saturday night, and ended up having a phenomenal time. The next day I went out for lunch on Queen Street with my friend Jean-Michel from France. As we left the restaurant, we hadn’t walked more than two dozen paces, when I passed some men speaking Dutch. I figured they were just tourists and kept on walking. A few paces on however I realized that I recognized one of them. “Wait here” I said to my companion and ran back.

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