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Feedback welcome on typographic Metal/Rock band logo

Hello forum,

I have been a silent Typophile forum user for quite some time. While I have had graphic design training, most of my typography and design know-how is self-taught and this site has often times served as a valuable resource. With that said, I'd appreciate feedback on this logo for a metal/rock band that I've been working on. I have included sketches and snapshots of the design process:


Digital to Metal type

I'll cut right to the chase: I'm to write an academic paper that covers any topic related to lead type in general. Since we're encouraged to research a topic that we know little to nothing about, I thought it would be interesting to delve into the relationship between digital and foundry type, or more specifically, typefaces that were born in the digital and brought to metal post-issue.

The closest that I can find would be our dear friend Jim's Stern, which was simultaneously issued in both metal and digital forms.

So this might be a stretch—given that the skills for producing metal type are anything but common in this age—but is anyone familiar with any such faces or the process that goes into the conversion?