Does anyone know what’s the name of this font?:

Thanks in advance.

I'm kind of nervous posting this here, as I know type design as a career is taken very seriously, as it should be, but please hear me out and understand that I mean absolutely no offense - as I have a very good friend who is a graphic design major and expresses a great deal of love for the craft, which I understand and respect.

Hi everyone

I am typesetting my first book and wanted to get some feedback on it. You can be totally brutal, I don't mind.

Please check it out here: Draft

Thanks in advance.

Hello everybody, i'm a graphic designer and illustrator from Italy. It's my first post here, I hope this is the right section for this request...

I'm looking for a font made like this, without any success.

Obviously the flickering line is only due to my sketching, it should be precise and geometric instead, with monoweighted line, vertical proportions and straight vertical lines. Somewhere between DIN, Vitesse, Stratum, Isonorm and Geogrotesque... these at least are the most similar ones i found in these months. Lower case and different weights are welcome.
I could draw it by myself, but i would take too long for a decent result, so I ask if there are similar fonts, I think i saw it somewhere but can't find it now.

Any advice?

Thanks :)


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