Here is a vintage radio dial I am remaking, I am having a hard time finding this font, can anyone help????

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RADIO typeface

I'm working on a project and would love to have the exact typeface of this, if not, I guess I can match fairly close. Any thoughts on this?


Hi, I'm looking for an ID of both fonts used on this image of an old radio dial. Both the font that the numbers are in, and also the 'am' 'fm' font. Or just something very close would be great.


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Hi all. This project is about helping deaf people — see — the radio.

I dont need the FM font, but what I do need is the "King" and "Radio" parts.. What font is this?? They are in all CAPS...

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similar font

Hi everyone!

Does anyone know of a similar typeface to Radio (attached) one with the letters confined in a square with patterns. Basically exactly the same as this Radio font :)

Thanks in advance :)

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