Hi y'all,
please help me id-ing this monospaced sans serif font.
Thanks a lot!

Hi there,

Just trying to find out what this font is. Many thanks!

I'm looking for a versatile and (dare I say it) modern condensed grotesque, mainly for headlines and shorter texts.

I need:

- upper and lowercase
- italics
- A few weights would be nice
- the ability to use as a webfont.

I've been using this as a "placeholder" for now:

Any suggestions?

Best regards

So I'm doing this poster and don't want to hassle with finding the perfect wood type, but I want something with a little more character that's available in digital. I'm currently using Grotzec X-Narrow Bold with some mods, but I'm not set on it. Hoping to get some other suggestions to very condensed grotesques that look a little more like wood type with interesting idiosyncrasies.

Thanks for the help,

What font is this or any very similar to it? Particularly looking for something with the subtle rounded edge.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Can any one ID this for me. I thought Tungsten but it's not...

I need help finding this font.

Look at the special characters such as S, R and G


Hi, if anyone could please offer any help in identifying this font it would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Jamie

Hey there typophilers,

I was wondering if you guys can help me identify "ELIXIR"s wine bottle typeface.

I am trying to identify a font I’ve seen in Paris, for the communication of “Les Ateliers de Paris”.
The same font is used here:

Anyone can help me?

Long time Typophile reader, first time posting.
Anyhow, I can't identify the condensed sans-serif typeface used by Utrecht in nearly all of their promotional materials— I thought it might have been Folio Condensed or Anzeigen Grotesk at one point, but Folio Condensed (at least the light version) seems to have a lower x-height, and Anzeigen comes only in bold and the capital "R" is markedly different.
Please advise.


Hi All!

I met this beautiful, condensed italic font (serif, but not very much) in my (previous) paperback edition of [The Design of Everyday Things] (wonderful book, BTW); but I cannot exactly identify the font.

Can anyone help identify the above font and equivalents.



I'm looking for a Bold Condensed / Compressed that matches "Solano" only with Hebrew Characters?

Does anyone know where to head to?

Thank you


I feel as though I should know this one, but obviously I don't… Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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Gothic Condensed

Hello i'm trying to find which is exactly the Gothic Condensed font?
as i'm looking out in web shop catalogs and i can't find it with that name, originally one of the wood type family fonts.


Dear typophiles,
I’m asking myself if the ring (Å å Ů ů) can appear condensed in condensed typefaces or if it has to keep rounded.
Thanks in advance,


Hello typophile,

I'm wracking my brain trying to identify this typeface, and what makes it worse is that I believe I once identified it and have since forgotten. My mind is a sieve, but I usually remember font names, apparently not this time.

The closest I could come up with would be a condensed version of Sahara Bodoni, but I fear it's actually a Didot and not a Bodoni. Another one that was suggested to me was Bitstream Industrial 700, but I was told that is not quite correct either.

It's lovely and driving me mad, any ideas?

My hunch is that film titles like these were created by hand – or at least modelled after something...
But just in case this is actually a known face, I'll post it here.
Some more examples here

See attachment, as well.
The closest I was able to find was something like this


I'm currently comparing all the available versions of Folio Bold Condensed. There are so many! Linotype, Elsner+Flake, URW, Bitstream, Scangraphic... I prefer versions that also offer a Bold Italic weight.

Which version should I consider or avoid at all cost? What are the differences between them. I'm not exactly looking for the most accurate version. Just the most well balanced.


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