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Hebrew type design research

Dear Members and friends!
During the last year I'm writing a research on Hebrew type faces designed by the most prominent designer - Zvi Narkiss.
The research will contain spectacular visual materials which are part of the impressive archive Narkiss created. This archive is also the basis of my research.
This project is extreamly important and undoubtedly significant to students of typography, lecturers and design professionals. Also to the general public viewing the Hebrew language and typography manifested so beautifully in Hebrew type faces developed in course of the 20th century and today.

Art Nouveau Typography for Hebrew

A friend of mine asked if I knew of any Hebrew fonts in an Art Nouveau style. I didn't know of any digital type, but I thought something could be found in the work of Boris Schatz's original Betzalel School, or perhaps something could be engineered from the work of Arthur Szyk. But I also thought that a few of you who enjoy this forum might share your knowledge of art nouveau Hebrew type and whether any digital fonts were ever made.


Hebrew Typography Status Report 2012

I haven't been here for a long time, but i was busy doing interesting stuff.
Lately i have been working on a new blog (in Hebrew) called "The Hebrew Type Ministry" (name inspired by the "Ministry of Type" blog), which is a common online knowledge base about Hebrew Typography.

In the last month or so, i have been working alongside Israeli type designers in order to create the bilingual "Hebrew Typography Status Report 2012" , which includes many type samples and catalogs of typefaces designed in Israel between 2012 to 2013. The document is freely available for download.

Hebrew Font similar to Torah Masterfont


I kindly request your help to find a specific font similar to Masterfont´s Torah Typeset.
The font I am looking for is very similar but the differences are quite obvious to the trained eye. I have included an image for you to see the differences between fonts.
I hope someone can help me find the name for the "unknown" font.

Thank you

I have new Typography website :)

Hello guys!

Good news!

I have new Typography website - Check it out on: www.moshik.net

On the website you can find my new Experimental Typography project - Playful Ampersand and many more Typography projects. Beside that you can download cool Typography wallpapers for your computer screen or for your iPad for now..
and of course you can order cool Typography posters and T-shirts :)

Please feel free to leave a comment and share it with your friends.


Moshik Nadav

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