Hey there typophilers,

I was wondering if you guys can help me identify "ELIXIR"s wine bottle typeface.

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the color of medieval text

In medieval text there seems to be a frequent use of red and blue lettering. Does anyone recreating medieval texts (or imitating them in advertising, book cover design, etc.) have a standard Pantone color that best represents these? Absolute precision isn't necessary; I'm just trying to invoke the (admittedly large and diverse) era through the color of the text.

(By the way, there is a Pantone "medieval blue" but it is darker than the typical blue used in medieval texts, which is more like this.)

Looks like a Custom Trajan.
Notice the different "N", "E", "R" ... rest letter shapes are similar.
Thanks in advance!

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Anyone know this script?

From an article in Esquire.

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