Can walbaum be used successfully as body text?


I've been looking to try out walbaum in an editorial project for some time but still am unsure of its suitability as body copy? I usually go for the safer options of minion pro, sabon or caslon but have been meaning to try out this beautiful typeface. For arguments sake the type size would range from 8pt to 12pt. I hope someone can give me good advice, thanks.

Looking for some hebrew font for single hebrew words in a didone-typesetted text

I am typesetting a thesis with Berthold Walbaum for the main text (and AkzidenzGrotesk for the titles). I need to add some greek and hebrew words in it. For the greek font, I noticed the output was not very good until I switched to some didone greek font (GFS-bodoni). Now I want to do the same thing with some hebrew words. I am aware that I can't really expect some didone-hebrew font, but maybe some very "stable" hebrew font would have some better look that some other. Any hint?