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font combination

Tips for combining typefaces


Hi guys/gals,

This is my very first post here and let me just say I really enjoy the site! I have a new found love for type, but still have much to learn.
I have a million questions, but I will start slow and steady :)

Any tips for combining typefaces? I have read as much info as the internet and books can offer and thought I would ask here. From what I can understand, they should obviously match mood and provide enough contrast. Also, the x-heights and glyph widths should be similar. However, when searching for fonts to purchase or in your own library what is the best way to make those comparisons?

The art of combining typefaces beyond the traditional pairings I come across amazes me.

Thanks so much!

Font combination with Antique Olive Compact


Any recommendations for a body copy typeface to go with my display type of Antique Olive Compact? It's for a student project on a book on John Coltrane. The display type is never on the same page as the body copy but I tried Helvetica Neue and it's not working well.

Thanks for any help!

While read a book

Hi my friends, today I have a question for you, WHAT IS YOUR OPINION of this f-i ?
the language is catalan, and the meaning of the word FINNISIM in english is FINE in spanish is FINISIMO (more easy to traslate)
I attach the pic only of the word, and also attach the pic with the context of the text,
I was read a book, and can see this kind of ligature, very particular.

Looking for serif font for headings. I'll be using Source Sans Pro for body text.


I was using PT Serif (for headings) and PT Sans (for body text) and I was satisfied... but when I saw Source Sans Pro I knew it was time for a change, but I can't find any good serif font (for headings) without ending up with an ugly, artificial etc. combination. I may be an amateur in this, but I think I know when something looks ugly. For example: in PT Serif (headings) + Source Sans Pro (body text) combination uppercase "J"s just "can't stand eachother"). I intend to use it at home and for writing some reports at work - nothing too long (there will be some tables too). Both printed and on-screen "performance" is important. Fonts with SIL Open Font License are strongly prefered (I bought MS Office and I just don't want to buy any more fonts at this time).

What combines well with Tartine Script Black?


Hello all,

For an ecommerce webproject, I am in need of a font for body text that combines well with the Tartine Script Black that is used for the type logo.

Currently the website uses Arial, which in a way makes sense, but I am looking for something (web-safe) slightly less boring than that. I have looked around but could not find anything suitable. hence the question here, boiling down to:

What font combines well with Tartine Script Black?

Kind regards,