What is closest web font to Chronicle? Typekit or other web licensed font is fine just looking for the closest one since HF&J doesn't offer web licenses for Chronicle at this point in time...

Hello all, I just asked you for help with my business cards a while ago, I'll post a picture of one again on the bottom here, but the thing is that I used Hoefler's Whitney and Chronicle on them, and now I'm trying to design my website and I'm going for something very minimalistic, like the cards, and I want to make it all consistent, the cards, stationary, the site, but Hoefler's license doesn't allow their fonts to be used with @fontface, so I'm looking for alternatives I can use. Since the site will be mostly just text I want something really well designed, and a family with various weights and nice italics and small caps and all that would be great. And of course both typefaces have to work well together, on the webpage they'll interact even more than they do on the cards.


I've got a client who's been set up with a look and feel by an agency which they have now asked me to take on and continue. The company is a fund management company so reasonably dry and corporate but a new company with young heads.

Their initial collateral has been set in Chronicle ( ) a tidy corporate font in my opinion. Problem is, since they've parted ways with their agency, they've been using Georgia, the PC default and are now asking me to set an 80 page doc in this clunky font.

Hello all,

I have been using this site for years, and now I am taking the leap to ask a question to you pro's.

I am designing a catalogue system (think fancy auction catalogue) for print, web and large poster design. For the web I have been working with Franklin Gothic Condensed Book and Medium for headings, and Georgia for bread text. I was trying this for a large poster and for a book layout and all of a sudden felt that I should look elsewhere. Based on a discussion here I found Whitney and Chronicle Text(which I like better than Miller) but ouch they are expensive! I am trying to determine whether it is worth it and also if they work for every medium and sizes I am working with... I do want consistency.

So my questions:

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