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Grey Sans


Please check out my first font release, Grey Sans!

Grey Sans is a contemporary sans with an angular design. Routed in both modern geometry and historical handwriting, Grey Sans bridges the gaps of neutrality and warmth, precision and humanism, and serious and fun. Grey Sans covers the grey areas of typeface design.

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Thank you.

Perfect partner for Franklin Gothic?



Currently doing some editorial design work and selecting two typefaces, a serif and sans, for the project.

I've settled on Franklin Gothic for the first type family due to legibility, style and weight variations, but for extra flavour and for body copy in feature articles, I'm looking for a serif that matches the same kind of x-height and will harmonise nicely. I thought of Caslon but think perhaps the x-height is too small; Palatino compares in scale however I'm not too sure about the combination of style - any thoughts on these or any serifs that may play happily with Franklin?


Franklin Gothic Combo in Aspen?

Hi all,

I am trying to decide on a typeface for a 8x8 inch publication. It is still very much a work in progress, and is intended to copy Aspen Magazine - the Minimalism Issue, 1969. I have attached two images of it.

I chose to go with Franklin Gothic: Franklin Gothic Condensed medium for headings, and Franklin Gothic Book for the bread. I usually try to match sans serifs with serifs, but want to this time get as close to the original as I can. I also tried a version where I had Franklin Gothic Condensed for bread and heading. Attaching images of both. Is it too boring?

Please let me know if I am on the wrong path! Thank you!


Whitney/Chronicle vs Franklin Gothic Book Condensed/ Georgia for web & print


Hello all,

I have been using this site for years, and now I am taking the leap to ask a question to you pro's.

I am designing a catalogue system (think fancy auction catalogue) for print, web and large poster design. For the web I have been working with Franklin Gothic Condensed Book and Medium for headings, and Georgia for bread text. I was trying this for a large poster and for a book layout and all of a sudden felt that I should look elsewhere. Based on a discussion here I found Whitney and Chronicle Text(which I like better than Miller) but ouch they are expensive! I am trying to determine whether it is worth it and also if they work for every medium and sizes I am working with... I do want consistency.

So my questions: