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Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Mandarin equivalents of Verdana, Georgia etc?

Hi, I'm working on a multi-lingual project for the first time and have been asked to find out if there are any standardised web fonts for each of the following languages:

• Hindi
• Urdi
• Arabic
• Mandarin

Similar to what we have in fonts such as Verdana, Georgia, and...say it quietly....Arial.

Really appreciate any help from the members of the board who may have experience in this field of typography. Of course, and insights from speakers of those languages would be deeply appreciated, as well. :)

Many thanks in advance!

Seeking advice - font similar to Georgia


Needing to use numerals in Georgia though not as OSF, but rather as lining figures. This option appears not to exist with Georgia (or at least not the version we have) so looking now for a workaround. What would be the font most similar to Georgia that has lining figures?


Searching for an alternative


I've got a client who's been set up with a look and feel by an agency which they have now asked me to take on and continue. The company is a fund management company so reasonably dry and corporate but a new company with young heads.

Their initial collateral has been set in Chronicle ( http://typography.com/fonts/font_overview.php?productLineID=100032 ) a tidy corporate font in my opinion. Problem is, since they've parted ways with their agency, they've been using Georgia, the PC default and are now asking me to set an 80 page doc in this clunky font.

Realist (serif), Baroque or/and Scotch?

hi Everyone,

I created several web-font stacks based on different styles: neo-grotesk (realist sans-serif); geometric; humanist body; humanist display; renaissance; neoclassic; baroque; romantic; and monospace. I am still puzzling with Georgia.

Georgia is a wonderful web-font for display and book, but I cannot classify it perfectly. Do you believe it is a realist serif, baroque typeface, or...?

Also, do you think Century Schoolbook is a good Georgia-alternative for web-body or/and display?
Is Century Schoolbook not somewhat different in style?

Thank you for you reactions.


Verdorgia font announced -- The Verdana/Georgia Love-Child Font Found in Windows 98 Archive


April 1, 2010 - Redmond, WA - Construction workers stopped the excavation for building 1,629 at Microsoft's Redmond campus when crews uncovered a 44MB Syquest-brand storage cartridge packed with astonishing archival data.

Verdana and Georgia, two of the most widely used fonts found on nearly every computer in the world, appear to have had a sort of digital tryst during their years in storage and together produced a font called Verdorgia (see graphic).

The new Verdorgia font data seems to have been born through an unusual process called 'binary conception' and contains recognizable attributes from each of its well-known parents.

Whitney/Chronicle vs Franklin Gothic Book Condensed/ Georgia for web & print


Hello all,

I have been using this site for years, and now I am taking the leap to ask a question to you pro's.

I am designing a catalogue system (think fancy auction catalogue) for print, web and large poster design. For the web I have been working with Franklin Gothic Condensed Book and Medium for headings, and Georgia for bread text. I was trying this for a large poster and for a book layout and all of a sudden felt that I should look elsewhere. Based on a discussion here I found Whitney and Chronicle Text(which I like better than Miller) but ouch they are expensive! I am trying to determine whether it is worth it and also if they work for every medium and sizes I am working with... I do want consistency.

So my questions: