Akzidenz Grotesk

Opening sequence typeface for To Kill a Mockingbird


Hi everyone,
I've been quite perplexed over the last few days trying to figure out what this particular typeface is.
It appears on the opening sequence of Gregory Peck's 1962 film "To Kill a Mockingbird." The typography struck me as beautifully modern but I am yet to determine what it is set in. I think there's another forum on this topic that suggested Akzidenz Grotesk as being a likely candidate, however, they didn't arrive at any solid conclusions and I'm adamant that someone out there knows! Such is my curiosity that I've created an outlined vector file showing the differences that are most apparent to me.

Thanks for your help!

Grey Sans


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Grey Sans is a contemporary sans with an angular design. Routed in both modern geometry and historical handwriting, Grey Sans bridges the gaps of neutrality and warmth, precision and humanism, and serious and fun. Grey Sans covers the grey areas of typeface design.

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Thank you.

„Avisto‟ - A fusion between Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk?

Hi Guys, please help...
I need some insights on the typeface „Avisto‟ that BVD used for their Stores http://bvd.se/stories/.
I've never heard of this typeface before, the only proof i've got of it's existence is from the book „I Love Type 01 - Futura‟.


There's just been a lot of type terms I've never really knew how to pronounce because they're just not words you hear everyday. Wondering if anyone could help me or at least say how you pronounce them

Haas (hahss? ahss?)
Akzidenz Grotesk (always said ack-zee-dens gro-tesk, but I've heard a type director say a weird pronunciation along the lines of ack-zee-den grawt. Possible abbreviation?)
Lubalin (loo-buh-lin?)
Bodoni (bo-doe-knee or bo-doe-nai? I've heard both)
Arial (ah-ree-AL or like aerial? also heard both)

neo-grotesque - love some feedback and criticism


it's far from finished:

the weight between characters is still a little uneven, and some letters i'm not sure about. i was thinking of scrapping the g and starting on a two-story g (along the lines of johnston, akkurat etc.)

i started by wanting to create a grotesque striped down to its simplest form by removing unnecessary terminals.

Phonetic Typefaces

I found these cute buttons for a couple of typefaces with the names spelled phonetically. The colors are classic, looks like CMYK and RGB. I'm a collector so I had to have one of each color. Anyone know of any other merch out there like this?


Akzidenz Grotesk