Help for fred lambert's compacta

Hello to all type fans!

I'm in desperate help of a school assignment i'm currently working on. :(
The brief was to find out about the history of a certain font.

I was assigned to fred lambert's compacta.

Searched high and low on google and the library for him on the related font, but efforts were in vain.

I came across this book by the name of "American type design and designers" as reference according to some helpful source.
Only after reading more, i came to realize there's very little info about him.

It's only about letraset corporation set-up and compacta being the company's 1st letraset font to be created.

I can't figure these questions as the answers have to be long, not some one or two lines.

(1)Reason behind the font
(2)Reason behind the font’s name