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Term for newspaper heading / logo

Hi, typophiles! I usually use the term masthead to refer to the large logo at the top of a front page of a newspaper; I've recently found that masthead actually means something different (list of staff), and that I should be using the term "heading." This seems like a rather broad term, though. Is there a specific term for this section at the top of the front page with the logo, tagline, date, etc?



Bertolessi and Tulk's Victorian Banner


Greater Albion Typefounders have just released tow new Typefaces on Fontspring and Myfonts:

Bertolessi, is a Roman face made fun, with a healthy dose of filigree curves thrown into the mix. It's an ideal compliment to our extensive Bertoni family, but can be used anywhere a bit of humour and flair is required.

Masthead for an Indie Magazine


Hey guys,
I'd like to ask for some input. I'm designing the cover of an indie mag and have gone with Kursivschrift for the masthead. So I've put it to the paper size as it's in the jpg attached, basically just the font type for now. I'd like to know if the spacings between the letters are alright, or basically any input that you guys might have.

The mag is targeted for women aged 20-35, into the indie fashion and arts scene. Keywords that may describe are feminine, whimsical, pastel, artsy, illustrative.

I appreciate any thoughts on it. Thanks so much in advance.