Bernhard Modern

The font resembles Bernhard Modern or similar to Cochin, but it's not. The lowercase "g" seems to be unique – a clue to identifying this font. I already tried WhattheFont, but it failed to ID correctly. Unfortunately the JPEG compression artifacts make it difficult to ID. Anyone know this font?

Hello Typophiles,

I am a letterpress printer, a hobbyist who works mostly with metal foundry type. As such, my choices of typeface are limited. In fact, I often find myself designing pieces to suit the type I have rather than procuring type for a preconceived design.

I’m planning a large broadside – in the 11-by-17-inch range – with a short poem on the subject of sleeping too late on Saturday. It’s a contemporary poem, but the diction is a little nineteenth-century and the tone is romantic but restrained.

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