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Chromebook PIxel: an expensive 239ppi web browsing "netbook"


By comparison, Surface Pro is 207.82 ppi and a MacBook Pro 13" is 227 ppi. My iPhone 4s, by comparison stands tall at 326 ppi, although the next generation of phones (like HTC One) should pass it by.

Should I switch to the metric system when discussing this?

Illustrator Aliasing Issue

Hi All!

While working on a typeface in Illustrator CS6, I came across an aliasing issue, that I'm not sure what to do about. I've attached a screen cap of two different "n"s worked on in different occasions, (same system, same software) there was another post regarding aliasing in illustrator on this forum but it wasn't this particular problem. I tried saving the file in a legacy format and pasting them back in, but I really am just shooting in the dark...

Any help would be appreciated!

anti-aliasing in Illustrator

I tried searching for this, but had no luck, so sorry if it's been covered.

I noticed in illustrator there are some weird anti-aliasing issues. I don't seem to get this in raster programs like Photoshop, the font look a lot better. They seem to look thinner than they really are, especially when you are zoomed out, but only in illustrator. are there any suggestions or tips you have for designing with fonts in illustrator? I've been told I should use InDesign, but it doesn't have all the design tools I want/need.