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(x) "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" new logo - ITC Avant Garde Gothic {Stephen}

This is the new logo for the Sixth Season of BRAVO's "My Life on the D-List".

I especially need "MY LIFE ON THE" and the "D".

Thanks in advance!

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Font Family Weights Out of Order


I'm in the midst of building a font family in FontLab and am having some trouble getting the fonts to display in the correct order in font drop-down menus when I finally install them. Sometimes they work, but sometimes they are out of order, which makes it all the more baffling to me.

This family has nine weights, and all the weight names and numbers are pretty standard. I've checked and double-checked and it doesn't seem like I've done anything wrong.

The data for the weights I've entered into FontLab are as follows:

Light (300)
Book (400)
Roman (500)
Medium (600)
Semibold (700)
Bold (800)
Heavy (900)
Black (1000)
Ultra (1100)

Modern Gaspipe examples

In the http://blurb for Tungsten H&FJ describe the style as a "Modern Gaspipe". I particularly like this style, with strong vertical lines, an explicit diagonal in the S and corners like a race track at the top and bottom.

Googling Modern Gaspipe doesn't yield much besides Tungsten. Does anyone know of some other good examples of this style, preferably with a lighter weight, such as Bourgeois?

Many thanks,