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Sans serif combination for Futura PL


Hi. I'm working on a webdesign for dj school.

We are going to use FUTURA PL as the main font for headers, titles and menu. The client doesn't want to use a serif as a complement for body text.

Which sans-serif font do you recommend to use for body text that would look good in combination with FUTURA PL?

I'm trying to avoid using Helvetica as the combination.

Here is a draft with FUTURA and Helvetica

Thank you!

Your opinions about this fonts combination



what do you think about this multiple fonts combination? http://gayonmars.eu/ (The site is still in designing phase and not complete).

The fonts used:

Jeanne Moderno Ultra by Steve Mehallo for the page heading

Jeanne Moderno Titling Italic by Steve Mehallo for the page subheading

FF Tisa Web Pro by FontFont for the headlines

Ratio by ps Type for the body text, social icons labels and timer labes (days, hours etc.)

LFT Etica Display Web by TypeTogether for the timer numbers.

All fonts are from the Typekit library.

I am not completely sure about the headlines / body text pair.

All opinions are really appreciated.