glyph window

Naming the glyph


I'm drawing a conceptual font were the upper case is depending on the lower case. I have made alternative glyphs for zero–nine, so they will work with the same principle as the letters, A–Z and a–z.
But in the InDesign glyph window the name of the alternative "zero" becomes "NULL" which makes it hard to find/understand.
The forms of the characters only makes sense when they are together.

So, is it possible to name the alternative zero (today named zero.alt1 in FLS) so it turns up in the InDesign glyph window as something related to zero? Like zero.alt1?

Thank you.


FontLab Glyph Window Family


Is there any way to cycle quickly through weights within a family from the Glyph Window?

Basically, if I have glyph 'A' of Example Bold open and make an edit is there a command to quickly switch to Example Light in the same Glyph window to make the same edit and continue on through the family without closing the window?