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complementary typefaces

Looking for a serif family to compliment H&FJ Ideal type family


Hello type experts, I would love suggestions of what people believe to be 'ideal' partners to the H&FJ Ideal family which my university loves. We are undergoing a brand refresh we want to add a serif which compliments Ideal and has also a decent set of styles and weights.
Thank you in advance.

Typefaces to complement a Blackletter face-HELP NOW!


Hi all,

I am reworking a logo I created for a local Oktoberfest celebration
and I have to choose new fonts. I am using a blackletter face but
for the other subheader text, I need to pair the blackletter with
something which complements or contrasts it and not sure outside
of a geometric typeface what will work with the blackletter. I have
yet to choose which blackletter typeface I will use. Right now,
the client needs to have several choices.

Any help is greatly appreciated!