font history

I was wondering if anyone knows where the sail on the lowercase t originated from.

I get that its an attempt to unify the t into one stroke, but is their anymore to it than that? Why is the sail on the left? Why does the stroke begin at the right and move left (opposed to the left --> right motion we use to cross our "t"s and "f"s)?

(not too strange)

(very strange)

Does any one have a good Arabic translation to Typography?

Hi, I've recently started to work on my first thesis work.

It will be a historical research on typographic catalogues "from Guthenberg to", followed by the creation of a comprehensive font catalogue that will serve as the official font catalogue for the Fine Art Academy in Lecce, where I study.

The catalogue will comprehend a little taste of everything from serif to slab and sans, and the selection is supposed to help the students to get involved into typography, as well as to give them a basic palette of powerful and top-crafted types to work with.

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