OpenType Features Editor 1.1 Available


I have made some minor changes to OpenType Features Editor, and the new version is now available here: http://www.timrolands.com/More/Downloads.aspx.

I fixed some issues with the autogeneration of ligature feature rules and identified some additional fixes and enhancements to pursue.

For those who don't know, OpenType Features Editor is a little tool I made to generate a features file from information in an AFM file. So you can export the AFM for a font, generate a *.fea file and import that back into your font development software. It's Windows only at the moment, but I have plans to make it available as a web-based tool as well.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues with this release or have any other feedback. Thanks!


Looking for a fontviewer for non-installed fonts


Back in the OS9 days, there was this brilliant little utility which allowed you to just drag a bunch of non-installed fonts onto it, and it would give you an instant preview of the families. Since this utility (I think it was called Font Gander) hasn’t been around for at least 10 years, I was just wondering whether someone here knew of something equal in functionality. I know I haven’t found anything as of yet.

On a sidenote, I find it really odd that an app like FontExplorerPro doesn’t support this functionality (without adding the scanned/opened fonts to its database, that is).

Any suggestion would be much appreciated,