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I am attempting to pair two families of fonts for creating a vintage feeling of typewriter while keeping a smooth and modern composition. I like slab fonts like Rockwell, Archer, Klinic, Rokkitt, and I decided to try with Klinic. Of course I absolutely need a proportional font for the main body of text.

The idea was to try to pair it with some monospace font for the titles in order to increse the vintage feeling. I join a PDF with various combinations. My three favorites are headlines with "Anonymous Pro", "Courier 10 Pitch" and "Free Mono" (see attached PDF).

I would like however to have your own comments; obviously some fonts can't pair with the slab font as well as other ones.

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Font Identification

Q and S are unusual.

Can anyone help ID this contemporary slab serif please?

Anyone can help me with this type?
It's looks like "Esfera NF" but, the letters "t" and "k" are different.
It's type is used at a brazilian magazine called "casa e comida" (home and food).


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