FontLab 5.2.1 Output: GSUB feature 'ÿÿÿÿ' causes overflow of offset to a subtable


Hi all,

I'm designing a handwriten font wich contain many alternate sets of characters and I programmed a calt feature to randomize it. The feature contains a lot of lines mixing and conditioning the substition of each character. I thing the sintaxis is fine and the replacement works fine too, but when I increase the number of characters in each of the classes used in the code the output panel shows the following warning:

[FATAL] GSUB feature 'ÿÿÿÿ' causes overflow of offset to a subtable (0x1140a)

(I don't know why the name of the feature is swhown without the correct name).

Bogus FontLab error = table overflow?


I get the interesting error below when I try to compile features in an OT script font. The notable things are that the claimed number of elements is absurdly large, and the error message is claiming that a number is not equal to itself. The only features in the font are calt and maybe kern.

It seems to me that I have seen this error before, and it does mean something, but as the error message itslf is bogus, I can't recall for sure what that is. Is it related to overflow of the 64K size limit on a subtable in OpenType? That rings a bell for me....