Identity Design

When to use an acroynm in logo design


Creative Director here tasked with coming up with a logo for a very long newly merged company. The company name is North American Home Furnishings Association- do you go with an acronym NAHFA? Or do you attempt something with the entire name spelled out? Or both? All of the companies involved in the new company previously had some sort of acronym in their logos, NHFA, HFIA, WHFA.

And if designing using acronym - any design tips for something long and awkward?

What is this specific logo treatment?


I've seen this specific type of shading treatment on a vast number of logos that I've run across and I love it.

For clarification purposes, does this specific type of shading have a formal name or technique associated with it?

I've always figured that this kind of effect could be done roughly with an algorithm or black and white conversion plugin and then fine tuned, rather than entirely hand drawn--but I've never run across anything that splits shades of gray into black bars of varying thickness like this.

Might any of you kind folks here on Typophile have any recommendations on how to consistently produce this effect?