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Choosing cvXY and ssXY


Is there any informal standard on how to choose which character variant (cv01 through cv99) or stylistic set (cv01 through cv20) a certain glyph or group of glyphs should go into?
Alternatively, has someone conducted a survey what actual typefaces put in these features?

With CSS Fonts 3, there is a higher-level language to add mnemonics for these enumerated features (and some more) when used with the font-variant-alternates property.

@font-feature-values FontFamilyName {
@styleset {insular: 1; uncial: 2; unicase: 3;} /* ssXY */
@character-variant {initial: 1; medial: 2; final: 3;} /* cvXY */
@stylistic {cute: 1;} /* salt index */

Another Fatal Error without a clue from FontLab cryptic message


Here is the message FontLab gives me:

>>>[FATAL] aborting because of errors:
syntax error at "-63"
[/Users/chrisL/Library/Application Support/FontLab/Studio 5/Features/fontlab.fea 11]

I had been cleaning up classes and getting rid of some duplicate commaaccent glyphs when I tried to recompile. The message above is what happened.
I then made a copy of the file and one-by-one deleted each feature and attempted to recompile between each removal to no avail. It seems as though it may be something in the classes but I am going nuts for 2 days now trying to find it!

I am hoping someone can clue me in on my malfunction.

Desperately seeking help,



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Indices : Terminology : Case

In current practice, usage of the term case most likely refers to the use of uppercase (capital) or lowercase letters. See some examples below. In letterpress practice, case refers to the physical box (case), usually wooden, that a given set of letters is stored. Capital letters were stored in the upper (top) case and lowercase letters were stored in the lower (bottom) case.


ALL CAPS – All letters are capitalized.

Title Case – The first letter of each word is capitalized.

Sentence case – where the first character is capital and the remaining words are lowercase.