Command-line tool to convert TTF to OTF?


Does one exist? I really like the way TransType 3 Pro performs in its conversion process, but it would be more flexible if a command-line tool existed that did the same thing at at least nearly the same quality.
I've tried FontForge and it doesn't do such a good job on some TTFs I've tested. Sometimes it doesn't even convert the outlines to PS and the end/starting node(s) are not aligned properly but instead off by a few pixels creating an ugly jagged effect :/ Unfortunately also most online font converters do the same thing (bad quality).

Any ideas? Can be a program/script (ie. python) and run on Win/Mac/Linux no problem, I got all three OS's :)

Line spacing problem in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator


I have 2 fonts that work together overlapped. One with letters and no dots, other with dots.
I have a problem I can't solve.
Only when I use a text box, the dots font is not matching, the linebase is different.
This happen in Photoshop and Illustrator. Works ok on InDesign.
I have the same metric values in both fonts, also the TrueType specific ones. I tried in OTF and TTf, nothing works.

Now is the weirdest thing I ever seen.
If I draw a box with the caps height in the letter «d» the font will match the line spacing. Only happen with «d» glyph. The dot font have only dots and little square inside the caps height and baseline space.

I also tried filling all the character set with my letters. It works always, excepting when i put the centered dot in «d» glyph.