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font library

Font Explorer Pro – Classification and Sorting Problem.

since Bohemian Coding discontinued their App Fontcase and it kept crashing(their new App Fonts really doesn’t fit me needs), I finally decided to switch to Font Explorer Pro 4 Mac in hope of long term use and less performance struggles.

First I was a bit overwhelmed of the structure and usability compared to Fontcase. I hat to discover very early that neither merging fonts nor renaming/correcting a font’s info isn’t possible, which makes organizing your Library not essentially easier.

In Fontcase I’ve developed a method which was pretty handy to find and sort fonts very easily (I guess I’m not the only one in doing so).
I had very general Genres like Serif, Sans and Script and the tags defined their attributes like text, Swiss, Dutch, geometrical, rounded and so on.

Font Library

I am developing a list of typefaces for a new font library at my College. We currently have an older version of an Adobe Font Collection (not Font Folio) licensed and installed on all 70 machines in the labs. I am looking to represent the major type classifications however I need a strong focus on workhorse serifs and san serifs.

So, if you had to build your ideal font library, what would you want to see in it? (I do know some fonts I want to remove like papyrus, herculanum and comic sans.)