I'm using Adobe Utopia (well, Heuristica, which is just Utopia with an extended character set) for lining text in an academic thesis.

I'm looking for a very heavy and blocky header font to pair with it.

I was using Georgia+Verdana for my drafts, before actually choosing fonts. I really like the way Verdana Pro Black looks for my headings (example: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/MqUNFb1.png[/IMG]), and I'm looking for something which is: preferably open-source; slightly less clichéd than Verdana; and very heavy.

I'd love to hear any suggestions, thanks.

Hi everybody,

I am designing a book series of utopian novels. There will be some classics of the genre and some less known books. Most of the novels are late 19th century but not all. I have to decide on the main typeface that will be used for the text. The texts will be in English with no other language requirements.
The concept of an "utopian" book typeface intrigues me but I have not reached any conclusion yet so I would like some suggestions.

I would prefer to use a relatively new typeface and so give some money to a living designer and not just Adobe. Also a kind of "contemporary" look (whatever that may mean) is part of the brief.

For no particular reason I am drawn to the idea of using something like Joanna...

My college newspaper has asked me to update the fonts for them. They currently use Kepler for the the masthead and body copy, and Trade Gothic for the headlines and bylines. The editor-in-chief wants the paper to look urban and modern, similar to the Chicago Reader. I am recommending Intro Inline for the Masthead, Lubalin Graph for the headlines and bylines, and Utopia for the body copy. Are these fonts appropriate?

Hi there,

I need to create a logo featuring the word "life" predominantly. I need something timeless that appeals to a predominantly female audience without alienating men, something that says "youthful, modern elegance" ideally in an ultra-bold weight.

The letters in "life" look almost the same in any font so I'm having to get quite creative. I'm curious to see what they look like in the font on the attached image. Can anyone help identify it or suggest something similar?

Thank you in advance everyone.

I saw this Typeface in the new UK TV series Utopia. I'm almost certain it is Futura but can't find the exact version. More out of curiosity than anything else...

Hello Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone had any insights to what this custom logo wordmark was derived from? Any closest matches?
Thanks so much for the help!


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AD Ligature


A colleague of mine is working on a book of Thoreau's letters and a question was raised as to whether we could use an AD ligature (as in A.D. or Anno Domini) in the text. I had never seen one and was curious to find out more about it.

A quick search revealed this Flickr photo of the ligature on a bell in Boston. The quality of the photograph is terrible and that's all I was able to find.

I'm hoping someone here is more familiar with this ligature and can point me to some other examples of it.

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