MM multiple master

Creating MM fonts


Hi all,

I'm working on a student project for an optically responsive typeface design to be used in Adobe Indesign CS6. A little over-ambitious for my first ever type design project admittedly but I have made good progress up until this point. I now, however, have hit a complete dead end and desperately need some advice from typographic aficionados.

So far from research I understand that;
OpenType does support a 'size' tag but that this tag is not relevant to any desktop publishing software.
Adobe InDesign features a 'Automatically Use Correct Optical Size' preference, left over from the advent of Adobe MM typefaces, that never really took off as a format. But, however, will still work.

Multiple Masters problem in Fontforge


I have been attempting to test out Fontforge's MM feature. I have tried various things.

Here I have created a 3-axis Adobe-style MM font, with 8 masters, using only an uppercase E. I can't get Fontforge to make an interpolation (instance) with these no matter how hard I try.
This is the font file:

I have Googled various things relating to this, and looked through all the documentation, and still got nothing. What am I doing wrong?

Multiple Master from single weight?

Hello all.

I have a single semibold display font which I am looking to make a regular and light weight from. I am trying to do this by bringing the font into fontlab and make the other weights form the existing font using a multiple masters approach. Is this possible with just a single weight or will i need to make a light weight or hairline to provide a second master? Thanks in advance for any help.