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FOR SALE: Photo-Lettering, Inc ALPHABET THESAURUS Nine Thousand



To all collectors and type enthusiasts, I'm selling my pristine copy of the book listed below. I thought you guys passionate about typography might be interested to own one of the most elusive and sought-after book of typography, lettering and phototypesetting.

Check the photos from this link : http://imgur.com/a/irOS7
Price is $1000 (excl. shipping). If you are interested, please contact me from my Typophile profile page.

Title : Alphabet Thesaurus Nine Thousand
Author : Photo Lettering, Inc., 1960. PROFESSIONAL EDITION.

Murray Hill Gothic by Photo-Lettering (1940's)

Any of you guys have any samples of Murray Hill Gothic? Ed Rondthaler talks about it in his book Life With Letters.

The family had several weights and they were all based on Railroad Gothic, but had a proper lowercase. It got a lot of use in the 40's and 50's, from what I can tell.