Exporting References MS Word > Indesign


Hi Typophiles,

I've got an essay which has been written in MS Word and I'm trying to transfer it into Indesign for aesthetic purposes. I'm not too concerned with re-setting the type however I have a number of references in the copy which are linked to footnotes. Is there any way of exporting those references to Indesign so that they are still linked to the relevant text?


A question about references...


I'm working on a project at the moment that features a lot of references. However, I'm really restricted on space and I was hoping to save as much of it as possible.

There are a few references that are repeated, so I was wondering what the rules are for using the same reference indicator throughout for the same reference. It seems logical and fine to me, but I never know if I'm breaking some age-old cardinal sin by doing such things.

For example the text would look like this (references are in parenthesis as I can't get superscript in web forms like this):