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Periodic Table of Hangul


My name is Darim Kim and I am a graphic designer.

I am currently working on my personal project related to Hangul, which is the Korean writing system.

I designed the attached "Periodic Table of Hangul" for the sake of compiling the essential information about Hangul, especially for beginners. The purpose of this design is introducing Hangul to non-Korean speakers. It does not cover every single aspect of Hangul, and I do not think people will master Hangul with this wallpaper. However, I believe that they can start reading and writing Hangul with this and that is all I expect.

Multiscript programme for a Christmas concert

I was given the responsibility of designing the programme for my church choir's Christmas concert at the last minute, and threw one together in a single evening. So it's very basic, and I was very limited in my type choices, but I thought typophiles would appreciate a seasonally-appropriate example of multiscript typography (it's a Korean church in France). Sorry about the picture quality.

The Korean typefaces used were Munchebu Jemok Batangche (문체부 제목 바탕체; "Ministry of Culture titling serif") for the display and Nanum Myeongjo (나눔명조) for the text. The Latin uses Arno.