Hello everyone,
I've a question about horizontal and vertical stems in FontLab.
Going to Font Info --> Hinting Settings --> Standard stems (T1 hinting) it is possible to define values for horizontal and vertical font's standard stems.
But when I'm in a blank Glyph Window is there a way to visualize horizontal and vertical hints based on those values?
I mean, how can I make those values useful for the designing process of the glyphs?
Thank you for your help!

Hi everyone!

This is my first attempt to get competent critique about my font. So please, Don’t beat me up too hard :)
I will be very appreciated about any critics and comments.
My first serif typeface I am trying to make a little bit retro, fashy, but contemporary.
It has 5 different serif shapes depending on the position of prominent parts of letters (maybe a little bit too complicated, but I like it).
I know there are still many things to work on and improve, but the main parts I am really not sure about are sharp ends of stems. The stems are the only parts without any serifs and I guess it makes the whole face unusual.
Please look at PDF files attached below.


I'm trying to understand FontLab Studio's Auto stem feature a bit more. I'm confident with the process for Alignment Zones and using the Adobe Auto Hinter, then making manual adjustments throughout for great results, but the Auto stem feature is a bit more elusive, although from visual results related to the finished hinting results it seems to work well so far.

I noticed if you open Myriad Pro you'll see a couple values, but if you hit the Auto stem button it adds more AND different values, so I'm trying to understand how best to handle standard stems moving forward, being that it looks as if there is a better way to handle this manually (as in the case of Myriad, for example).

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