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Tips-n-tricks for chalkboard typography?

Last week I've been commissioned to create a typographic image on a big chalkboard door in a cooking store. I can hardly wait to get my hands dirty, but I was wondering if any of you have any experience doing such a job.

I already found some useful tips-n-tricks on various blogs.
This door is freshly painted, so first thing I'll do is totally cover it in chalk and then clean it - this to avoid any scratching.
Furthermore, I'll keep the door wet whilst drawing, wetting the chalk too.

And yes, I've already seen Dana Tanamachi's vimeo's. Great stuff!

More tips-n-tricks are highly appreciated!

HELP! Pasting complex paths from ai into Fontlab or Fontographer


In the past I have designed "textured" looking faces by rendering with pencil, photographing, tracing (in freehand mx at the time), then copy/pasting into fontographer. I recently have designed a face, rendered it in chalk, vectorized it and am now attempting to copy it from ai into Fontlab. I have even tried copying it into Fontographer. Is there anyone out there that can suggest a work flow that will help me achieve success? Are there preferences that I can change that I am missing?