Help identify font

Dear Typophiles:

I found the font in the attachment and would love to use it for a credits roll. I have searched and researched and can't figure out what font it is. Can you help?

Thank you very much for any response!

My best to you all.
Dagi Cueppers, Studio 7C

Can someone please help me identify the font used here on the Robert The Bruce memorial in Stirling Scotland or find a similar font. I need to use the font in other locations on site.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Really need some help working out what font this is? Looks familar but cant find it anywhere.

Can anyone help me find the font used in the image attached. I have tried many things to find it but couldn't exactly find the one I m looking for. Any help will be appreciated.


Hello Typophile forum members,
I am asking assistance identifying this font. It's very similar to Didot but has a much more sleek/modern appeal. This font appears to be gaining popularity recently in a lot of fashion editorial. Thanks in advance for your help and consideration! :)

need to figure out what font this is, please help :D


I can't find this font anywhere, and I've tried all the auto identifying websites. Can anyone identify it?

I originally found and used this font on which has now closed down, and I have no way to go back and find out what it was.

Thank you so much!

Found a cool, tall, thin, modern font on a poster. Anyone know what it is? I've attached one word of it.

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Identify font

Hi everyone, please help me identify font that used in image. I love that so bad and can't find (yet) in font site.

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