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font advice

Copy and paste


Hi all,

I'm in the process of creating my first font and was wondering if you (more experienced) guys could answer me a quick question: how much cut and paste is ok? What I mean is this: can I simply re-use my b for p (and q), or n from h, or r from n and so on. (I documented some of this in a blog post a blog post, if you are interested.) Should design every letter from the ground up or can I use this kind of shortcut?

I'm not sure if this kind of copy and pasting is messing up the rhythm of the font or if it is actually standard practice.

Thanks, HP

Font selection advice


Hello all, I am new to these forums, so please pardon me if I placed this in the wrong section.

I am looking for advice for a font for a prayer book I am compiling, preferably for free if I do not yet have it (I am a poor college student). Here is what I am looking for:

a serif font
beautiful, but not overbearingly so.
Has the versicle and response (looks like a V with a line through its right leg and an R with a line through its right leg, respectively)
uses old-style numerals
extensive coverage of ligatures
Old-Style or Transitional (not Modern unless it is really good)
that is not Times New Roman or Georgia
the acute accent has at least a 30 degree angle (similar to Palatino) in relation to the top of the vowel (unlike Courier, which is more