I'd like to know the background from the typefaces used in (hand engraved) music scores. I have looked at the text faces for setting titles, lyrics, tempi and dynamics. Music symbols is another interesting subject, since there is a great decline in typographical standards when comparing computer scores to traditional scores. There is no digital music symbol font that I know of that has attention to all the details that you would find in an engraved score.

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Symmetrical Didone M

Hi all,

I'm looking for a neoclassical typeface that includes a symmetrical M, if there is any. All the Didones I've checked out (starting with Didot and Bodoni) have asymmetrical Ms. Does anyone have any suggestion?


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Hello friends, im workingon some ligatures, i think im done now, but somehow i cant tell if the fj, ff and fi work.
I post the regular and the bold version. Please go ahead with your comments.



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