Would you please help me to identify ALL the fonts used to create this post card. I've been asked to help with the design for the website and I'd like to use the same fonts if possible.

Hi there my idea generating forum friends,

I have a Physiotherapist who needs a logo for her upcoming website and business cards - starting to get more clients etc etc. After some brief discussion as to what the brand values / message should be, she wants simple, premium, friendly. It is based in a reasonably affluent town so the clientele would most likely be well-off (hence the premium aspect).

My worry is that it doesn't come across immediately as a 'Physiotherapist' but I was finding it hard to do this without resorting to glib, cliched hands, spines and muscle references, none of which really sum up physio. The curve of the 'A' is a subtle allusion to the spine but nothing more.

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business card typo

i would like to ask You, what do You think about typo i've used and the whole layout.

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