Wanting to substitute a glyph for "carriage return"


Hi to all,

I am building a code font using Font Creator ... I am amazed how easy this software is to use (so far). One of the elements of the 'code' is to replace all the glyphs with alternates, including the 'carriage return' or 'enter'. So far, I haven't found a way, and wondering if it is even possible.

In application, I would simply take recognizable test, and within other applications, change the font to the 'code' font.

Any thoughts or help to this novice would be most appreciated.

Kind regards ...

Seeking feedback on an article about word illustration: EDIT

Seeking feedback on an article I wrote about a word illustration challenge: how to express the meaning of EDIT? Some questions addressed in the article are: How to superimpose two letters while maintaining the legibility of both?  What parts of a letter can be concealed while retaining the letter's visual identity?  There are 57+ illustrations of my steps toward a solution to the challenge.

Here's the link: http://rudiseitz.com/2012/12/16/wrestling-words/

I'm very interested in 1) comments on what you found interesting or provocative so I can concentrate on those points in future work,

Looking for somebody to make simple font edits for me


Hi, I have a font that I'm using over and over again for a long running job I'm doing. It's a stylised, letterpress type font, and the baseline is uneven throughout. I'm having to adjust the baseline on each letter every time which is eating my time.

I'm looking for somebody who can quickly edit the font so each letter sits on the same baseline (0), export it and send it back to me ready to use.

I'm willing to pay if the price is very reasonable!