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font name

Rockwell name query... copyright/license


Can the word rockwell be used as a name of a new space in conjunction with the use of the font?

I am setting up a new building that provides rented studio space to small creative businesses in London. We decided we wanted to call it Rockwell House. We've have used the Rockwell font for the logo and website.

Is there an issue with us using this? What are the parameters we should be aware of? Please can someone give me some advice on using this.


Font Name Craziness

I'm having weird things happen with a font name.

I've dabbled with Fontographer over the years to create some architectural fonts for my business (I'm an architect, if that's not obvious). I created a font "ErickTheArchitect 9" in Fontographer, and when it was ready to deploy I saved it as MikitenArch, to match my firm's web address.

I've used the font for 2-3 years with no problems. All of a sudden a few months ago the font showed up missing in some software, getting something else substituted. In other places it reverted somehow back to "ErickTheArchitect 9". In FontBook I've only got ErickTheArchitect 9. Other people in my office continue to use MikitenArch just fine. But I seem to be seeing more and more places where my computer won't accept it.