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Font for company website... (Proxima Nova + Baskerville)


I am requesting your advice...

I have been coding our company website and I'm having a hard time choosing fonts. Initially we had Google Fonts but they weren't doing it for me. I have very little experience and don't see typography in the same way you guys do.

I purchased Proxima Nova (Thin, Regular, Bold) and Baskerville (Medium Bold). My intention was to make Baskerville the heading font and Proxima Nova the body but it just doesn't look right to me.

Brief background about company: Established 1987 in New York City. I am a wholesale supplier of Men's designer tailored clothing and Women's contemporary. Our logo which was professionally designed is in Baskerville.

Question: Please help me with making a decision on the following:

Font(s) to go with Eurostile LT Pro Bold?


Hello everyone,

I'm designing a website for a company and their logo uses Eurostile LT Pro Bold Extended #2. I was wondering if you could give me some advice as to what font to choose to compliment the logo, when I'm aiming for a modern/clean look of the website.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day,

Type Finder


Hey all.
Type Finder, a project I've been working on for quite some time as part of my senior thesis, launched today. The website asks viewers a series of questions, and based on the answers, displays a list of typefaces that match the requirements/feel/use.

I thought I'd reach out to other people interested interested in typography through this forum to promote the project (hopefully it is helpful to people looking for some new typefaces) and get some feedback and suggestions from anyone willing to share their thoughts!

Gabe Ferreira/Elijah Zapien

What is the font on this website

Hi there, this is my first post here! I have a client for whom I need to do a one page advert, and I'm trying to make the header the same font as the one they've used on their website here - http://clovelly.co.za/ - I'm talking about the bold sans serif font that says "Clovelly Country Club" in yellow and white next to the logo. If anyone could identify this for me it would be great!

Fontmarketplace; anybody home?


I have been trying to contact people from fontmarketplace, which used to sell fonts on its website, but now is just another shopfront for fonts.com. I bought some fonts there in the past, which I want to re-download, but this does not work, somehow. I tried to get support, but I have not gotten any reaction. Do you know anything about this?


small business branding, web dev, marketing company

I am in the process of developing a logo and website for my company. The company does branding, web development, and marketing for small businesses. I hand drew this logo and reworked it in illustrator. I wanted it to have fresh energy and inspire people to get creative and excited about developing their identity. How am doing so far?

FCC Redesigns with Trade Gothic


The FCC just relaunched their web presence with a new BETA site yesterday. Interestingly, there is a very nice general tightening up of the brand across the board, and they are utilizing Trade Gothic Extended quite prominently.

I'm curious if any code ninjas could let us know how they are pulling this off ?

Building TTF fonts for @font-face


Does anyone have any tips on creating TTF files for @font-face usage? I have a script going in fontforge to generate all the basic formats for online (ttf,eot,woff,svg) but my one issue is how to get the TTF into a protected format. I have seen people export the TTF before where you cannot just open it locally, or install it. I know its not 100% bullet proof, but I am just curious does anyone know how to do this, preferably in fontforge?

Computer formated - Font lost


I made a website for my folks but my computer crashed and was formatted by the {insert your favorite expletive here} techies at HP. Anyway, I have the rest of the pictured text from the site and was wondering if you smart folks knew what it was. I have tried the online auto-identification web pages and while close, they are not finding me an exact match. Thanks in advance for the assistance!

What do we think if Typedia?

Just found this site that claims to be the Wikipedia of typography. You can look up fonts, learn about typography, get involved in forums, Add your own fonts and knowledge. Looks like it’s pretty early days and there are plenty of holes in the content but you can get an idea of what it is going to be about.


All seems to be stuff that Typophile does in some way other. To me it seems a little ill-conceived what does everyone else think? The search tools are not as good as something like myfonts.com, the forum will need to work hard to beat Typophile and the type info doesn’t seem that great to me.

What does everyone else think?

Rebeletter Studios needs a type-savvy web designer...

If anyone can help me or refer me to a good web designer who's familiar with font sites, I could really use the help...I am an independent type designer launching a new type foundry, but I don't have the tools to build and maintain a good site. And frankly I'd rather be designing new type! :)

I can provide content - fonts, graphics, text, whatever - but I need someone with the experience to build it. If you wanna hit me up on here, that's cool. Or e-mail me and I'll give you more details: jim@rebeletter.com

Thanks for reading!


Website plagarism

Hi all,

I've just discovered a web design company in the Philippines has entirely copied my personal portfolio website and are using it as their own. I created mine a few months ago and a little while ago, I noticed a particular IP address in Manila had been downloading all the pages.

They've directly copied my code (even leaving in my analytics tracking code and my name in the image alt tags!) and used my graphics as well (icons, navigation, etc). They've also left in a photograph of my work in the slideshow on the front page.

My website is http://www.coullon.com and the one in question is http://www.wwmhosting.com/index.html

As I've never encountered this before, I was wondering if anyone knows anything I could do about it?



Edit for screenshot:

website for student font portfolios - www.26plus-zeichen.de


The website www.26plus-zeichen.de offers students the posibility to examine, test, comment and present their fonts. Most of the fonts are for free. There are display fonts as well as fonts for text. Everybody who is interested in type design is invited to join the website.
The idea to the website begun at the German Fh Würzburg-Schweinfurt. Development by Jakob Runge, Max Kostopoulos and Georg Fischer [programming].