FontLab Studio 5 Mac —Can't find trace tool, please help


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FontLab Studio 5 Mac —Can't find trace tool, please help
Hello I am importing some character scans and I haven't been able to find the trace tool.
The 900+page manual shows the opened trace window on page 109 ONLY and doesn't say how to get the window open via a tool bar or command: I could be mistaken but I thought FontLab Studio had a trace feature in Studio 5. My program has no plug ins or separate modules that I know of. It just doesn't seem to be there. THANKS!!

I spent a few hours looking for it.
I will take anything:

1) A key command to get me to the trace setting box
2) A pull down tool (0r)
3) A trace icon tool I can click.

Type Finder


Hey all.
Type Finder, a project I've been working on for quite some time as part of my senior thesis, launched today. The website asks viewers a series of questions, and based on the answers, displays a list of typefaces that match the requirements/feel/use.

I thought I'd reach out to other people interested interested in typography through this forum to promote the project (hopefully it is helpful to people looking for some new typefaces) and get some feedback and suggestions from anyone willing to share their thoughts!

Gabe Ferreira/Elijah Zapien

Command-line tool to convert TTF to OTF?


Does one exist? I really like the way TransType 3 Pro performs in its conversion process, but it would be more flexible if a command-line tool existed that did the same thing at at least nearly the same quality.
I've tried FontForge and it doesn't do such a good job on some TTFs I've tested. Sometimes it doesn't even convert the outlines to PS and the end/starting node(s) are not aligned properly but instead off by a few pixels creating an ugly jagged effect :/ Unfortunately also most online font converters do the same thing (bad quality).

Any ideas? Can be a program/script (ie. python) and run on Win/Mac/Linux no problem, I got all three OS's :)

Online language tool for supported languages


Hi guys,

glad to join this great place.

I have a question: do you know any online tool (or any clever method) to display languages list which are supported by the font? I'm making one and it contains German, Polish & Spanish glyphs, but I don't know which other languages are using the same glyphs as mentioned.

How can I check it ?

Cheers and thank you in advance.

"Blog This" bookmarklet for Typophile

Zara and I were talking recently about how much handier it would be to be able to spontaneously blog to Typophile when we find great content on other sites.

It’s taken some trial and error but I’m happy to say that these work! Drag these links to your browser bar and click them whenever you want to share on Typophile. They’ve been tested on Firefox (Mac) and Safari (Mac) so let me know if you get unexpected results in another browser.

(Note: You must be logged in at Typophile for these links to work.)