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Arabic Font Design

Add dots (nuqta) to glyphs in VOLT. Need Help.


Somewhere on Typophile I read about adding dots (nuqta) to base glyph in VOLT.
This means instead of making glyphs for each combination of base glyph with dots in FontLab, you use VOLT to compose glyphs on the fly using a single base glyph.

This has something to do with CCMP feature.

I request anyone who has used this feature for the mentioned purpose to kindly share their experience.

Thanks and regards.

Characteristics of Arabic Type

have posted two articles on my blog about the characteristics of Arabic type. I have grouped the characteristics in four categories:

1. General characteristics: that relate to the representation of the Arabic alphabet and number of glyphs needed in the font files.

2. Inherited characteristics: what Arabic type has taken from the calligraphic representation of Arabic text.

3. Acquired characteristics: how print and digital technologies have affected the shape of Arabic characters. Special focus was made on the introduction of the Linotype hot metal system and the resultant Simplified Arabic style.