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Children's magazine body copy font

Hello, I'm looking for a highly legible font for use in body copy, cutlines, and possibly heads and sub heads for a children's magazine (ages 9-13).
I need a contemporary and friendly look . Must be easy to read, and have some character while being the neutral font to some animated display fonts.
The magazine content is science-oriented and educational, packaged in a cool, entertaining way.
Definitely not stereotypical (no Clarendon, or New Century Schoolbook as much as I like them). Because the magazine includes both genders, and softer, human content, I don't want a cold. science-y looking font.

Anaysis of Typography used in Childern's Book .


Clean, legible typography. That's what I always learned and I still believe it to this day. I've started to look at children's books, specifically very young children (2 - 7), and the kind of typography used in them. I'm coming to the conclusion that most children's book authors don't ever consult with a designer or typographer.

I'm aware that you're dealing with an immature audience but is that an excuse to use illegible type? I think not. Perhaps I'm missing something. One of the reason I'm here is to find out if I am.

I decided to embark on a very quick redesign of the cover of "The Trouble With Chickens" as an experiment. I used H&FJ Knockout.

Typography for kids aged 4-16

Hi, I'm doing a project on "engaging the audience" and getting them to feel inspired and appreciate typography, My audience is 4-16 year olds. My aim is to try and inspire 4-16 year olds to appreciate typography and possibly enjoy it more. I've done some secondary research into my age range and have even tried to make typography attractive via means of colour and shape but i'm not really getting much feedback when i approach people who stop and look. I was wondering if anybody may have some helpful suggestions or advice?


ABC Zoo : mixing letters to create images


ABC Zoo is a collection of two typefaces where the alphabet letters are combined to create a design of animal using the own letter of the name of each animal. You can see the entire set of this fonts at

Prater for Kids Products?

Hi all, I'm new to this forum and am hoping for some advice, as fonts are not my strong-suit. I need to choose a font to represent a company producing products for little kids (2-6) - it will be used for the logo and product names too. Think fun & crafty.

My favorite is Prater - http://www.fontshop.com/fonts/downloads/fontfont/ff_prater_ot/

It seems playful, and the different formats would be useful for different applications as the company grows.

Other contenders were Handsome, Bello, and Klepto, but they didn't seem as flexible. What do you guys think about using Prater? Or any other suggestions?


Edible Adventures


Looking to get some feedback on a logo I've been working on. The company is called Edible Adventures - Mobile cooking classes for kids. It's pretty self explanatory. Client is looking for a simple execution of her logo. It has to communicate food in a fun way and easy to read. Could be used as signage on vans/store front/stationary/marketing materials.

Please take a few minutes to look it over. Let me know your thoughts/suggestions.

Thanks in advance.