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Alphabet-Glyph "Cursive Script"


I have a conscript (constructed script) I have been working on for over a decade. Recently been trying to build a "vector generation" system. The best I can come up with so far is a "symbol per word font generator".. basically every word has to be entered (one glyph for sit, one for sat, one for sitting)

I have exhausted most avenues, and the best idea, besides a "per-word-font" is a custom generation system, but this is a huge project. is there any typography software, or anything at all, that could help "jump start me" or even do this. I have search extensively and found nothing.

OT features compile in FLS5 but don't work


In my current font project (a cursive conscript*), I have added the OpenType features [aalt], [init], [medi], [fina] and [liga] (along with the usual [kern]). These features compile without any errors and appear to work properly in the OpenType Features tab of the Preview panel (they don't preview properly on the Preview tab, but I've read on the FontLab forums that [init], [medi] and [fina] don't preview at all in FontLab Studio, but still work in applications), but when I generate the font (as a .ttf), none of them work in the applications I use this font in (Photoshop and Word '07-'10). It's as if they're not there. However, they appear in the relevant tabs when I open the .ttf in Studio, exactly as they are in my project file.